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HP ML - 115 G5 Opteron 64

Antonis Mortos
Occasional Visitor

HP ML - 115 G5 Opteron 64

Greetings from Athens , Greece

I was buy at 1st December 2010 an HP Proliant ML 115 G5 Dual Core AMD OPTERON

I Was taked out from package and was start to load operating system
didnt end the operating system load procedure after the first boot the system was screeming with the big fan very loud and the screen was black

when i call in hp support in Greece they tell me its system board fail and they changed to me
after two months after some reboots i was made for updates on my server the same

after that continiusly for 6 times i was change system board
tha last time i change ram i have 4 X 2GB HP BRAND NAME also i change video graphics to NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 768MB PCIe Graphics Card and Power Supply from HP they send me new psu also we change and System Board

Please Tell me what is wrong

i have UPS 1500KWA in my Room on the server
if the server reboots for any reason a lot of times for example update from windows server 2008 then have doing this issue and then the system board is off

neither reset works neither batter off neither power cable

im very dissapointed and i dont know what can i do

on my sytem i have extra 4 X Western Digital Blue edition in raid 5 now and im woring about my data

Please Help
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP ML - 115 G5 Opteron 64

Hello Antonis, maybe you can get HP to replace the whole server :)

Do you have anything else on the UPS? Is that seeing any issues? What if you try to run it without the UPS?
Antonis Mortos
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP ML - 115 G5 Opteron 64

Dear friend yes i have an ups 1500 watt APC 2U
On it and its only for server the batteries are new i'vee changed 3 months a go

yesterday they change my mainboard again
today after one night of working
i came to my office and the server was unxpected shutdown
i was open and i was have error messages beep codes

the memory modules doesnt work anymore

i tested in another machine ml 110 g5
and doesnt work
ive replaced the memory with another and works fine
but i cant trust the machine anymore