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HP ML 150 G1 + 146GB SCSI HDD problems

Chirstopher Low
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HP ML 150 G1 + 146GB SCSI HDD problems

What i have is a
HP ML150 XN2.8GHz 256MB
and 3 units of 72GB U320 10K HP ML150 HDD in a raid5 config

and a Adaptec SCSI RAID 2010S ML150

the specs for this machine states
"Maximum Internal Storage 730 GB Internal drive cage maximum SCSI capacity (5 x 146 GB)"

I have a 3/3/3 carepack
I recently ordered a Maxtor 147GB SCSI U320 10Krpm 80Pin Hot Plug HDD , after plugging it in, it will not spin up at all. ie: at the point of power on, all harddisks lights should turn on, for this unit, it just blinks once and goes out.

I asked my vendor for help, they then contact hp enterprise support only to be told two part numbers that are discontinued.
73 GB 10K Hot Swap Drive Ultra320 :344689-003 / 344689-001
144 GB 10K Hot Swap Drive Ultra320 :344691-003 / 344691-001

-- alternative part numbers are suggested --
289044-001 SPS-DRV,HD,146GB,U320,10K,HP
404708-001 SPS-DRV,HD,146GB,U320,10K,HP
377682-001 SPS-DRV,HD,146GB,U320,10K,HP
347779-001 SPS-DRV,HD,146GB,U320,10K,HP

BUT none of these has any 100% guarantee of working, and the cost of it (eg: the first item 289044-001 is quoted at 3x the price of the maxtor harddrive I got. (sgd 3000 vs sgd 980) which is completely atrocious.

I'd like some suggestions?
a) is the problem with the raid card? ie: should I upgrade it, if so, do you have suggestions?
b) is the problem that particular model of harddrive? should I change to another brand (quantum?)
c) who is HP's harddisks' OEM, given the crazy pricing I'm being offered, I should try to get the OEM version instead.

any other suggestions?

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Re: HP ML 150 G1 + 146GB SCSI HDD problems

With HP servers you are pretty much locked into HP options.

It is common case that a generic HDD refuses to work in ProLiant server. HP-labelled drives has specific firmware which makes them unique in that respect.

Hence in most cases the answer would be: no, you cannot use 'equivalents' for HP options.

BTW - you can always try ebay for discontinued parts:

Don't panic! [THGTTG]