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HP ML 150G3 admin password reset

Occasional Contributor

HP ML 150G3 admin password reset

Hi everybody,
I have a HP ML150G3, in this server it's insered a light out 100 card (LO100).
Well, the Admin account's password has been lost and its was modyfied previously. This is the one and only account that is present in the list of the account.
Do you have any information about how to reset the Admin account's password?

Hope to have your news as soon as possible!!

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Re: HP ML 150G3 admin password reset

hi Andros

Lights-Out 100 is used in ProLiant 1xx series of servers and it's firmware and hardware are different from iLO or iLO2

Try the following to recover your Lights-Out 100 user credentials (password only):

1) Create a DOS bootable disk (floppy or USB key)
2) Download the IPMItool from this link:
3) Copy the IPMItool.exe to the bootable disk
4) Boot the server using the bootable disk
5) Run "ipmitool.exe 20 18 47 03 02 61 64 6d 69 6e 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00"
6) Now your password should reset back to "admin"

Note: This tool doesn't reset your default username. You need to use/remember the new username that you changed it to.



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