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HP ML110 G4 Embedded RAID gone haywire

Occasional Contributor

HP ML110 G4 Embedded RAID gone haywire



Wondering if there is anyone that can point me out in the right direction.


I have a HP ML110 G4 and I am using the Embedded SATA RAID Controller and currently have to Arrays configured.


1. RAID 0 - 2 x 250Gb

2. RAID 0 2 x 750Gb


Last night we had a power cut for a good few hours and when I tried this morning to turn it on, during boot, the drives are all detected and are 'Healthy' but the Arrays are coming up as Failed.


When I go into the Array Config Utility and choose either of the arrays, again, the array members are detected correctly but I noticed that one of the array members (in both seperate arrays) is in grey font and the other is white.


Can anyone please help point me in the direction as of what to do to get my system up and running again?