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HP ML150 G3 OPK Preinstallation

Declan Noone
Occasional Contributor

HP ML150 G3 OPK Preinstallation

I have a ML150 and I am trying to build it with the Server 2003 R2 using the OPK preinstallation cd. I have managed to get the array configured and got the installation to start by injecting the drivers from a usb floppy. However my problem is that the installation only partially completes and does not seem to finish. Hence the server will not boot. Can anyone tell me what i am missing. Thanks,
Mauro Rusignuolo
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP ML150 G3 OPK Preinstallation

for me, it's easier to use the installer from

I've used that installer for hundreds o systems...


<> Leonardo da Vinci

Re: HP ML150 G3 OPK Preinstallation

Do you have any cards i.e. a smart array card?
are you using sas drives?
what kind of drivers did you install?

Re: HP ML150 G3 OPK Preinstallation

If it is SAS: There is a previous posting which I wrote the following:
I have the same server with the HP 8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID 347786-b21. It is quite tricky.

You need to shut off and disable the sas bios for the card to work. see warning from hp:

Also, make sure you do not use the smart start cd for install.

Install off the windows cd.

I did it - it works.

You need to download the drivers. and you need a usb floppy disk - press F6.

for drivers see:〈=en&cc=us&prodTypeId=329290&prodSeriesId=501784〈=en&cc=us