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HP ML150 G5 - RAID 5 strangeness

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HP ML150 G5 - RAID 5 strangeness

Hi, I have a strange situation with a client server; I hope someone can shed some light on the situation.


After a suspected power cut in client’s office their HP ML150 G5 wouldn’t boot. The RAID controller (HP Smart Array E200) continually stated that it was ‘initializing’. After 5 mins or so it would reboot and the initialization message would appear again.


I booted the server from the latest SmartStart CD; the RAID controller was not recognized in the ACU.


I tried reseating the controller in other slots but each time it was not recognized in the ACU.


I read various articles online, most pointed to an issue with the RAID controller. I subsequently ordered another one and installed it the next day.


Whilst booting from the SmartStart CD I could now see the RAID controller. Purchase vindicated.


However, when using the ACU there were no logical drives listed. I was asked to create a new array. I could see the 4 physical drives but not the existing logical drives.


Note – the original config of the drives was 3 x 500GB drives RAID 5 with a hot spare. 4 HDD’s in total.


I continued my research trying various other things with no joy.


I then decided to unplug each of the drives in various combinations. Long story short, the server booted once I unplugged drives 2 and 4. 2 are part of the original array and 4 was the hot spare.


The server booted into windows, and if I booted using SmartStart and using the ACU I good see the array and that it was in interim recovery mode.


At this point I suspected some crazy multiple HDD failure. I ordered 2 replacement drives.


When these drives were inserted the exact same thing happened, the server wouldn’t boot. If I remove the drives it boots.


So in summary, RAID controller replaced, 2 new HDD’s, but with the new HDD’s in the server will not boot. Remove them and it does.


Any suggestions gratefully received.



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: HP ML150 G5 - RAID 5 strangeness


perhaps with the power cut something happened to the power supply or power/sata cables to the cables/slots for disks 2 and 4.
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Re: HP ML150 G5 - RAID 5 strangeness

Upgrade the E200 controller firmware to 1.86(C) if not already upgraded.
Fixes are available in the link, fixes tab.


Subsequently update the Hard drive firmware to latest from the link.


Ref customer advisory for similar issue.

Please let me know if there is any difference from the older hard drive, like drive capacity, drive HP spare part number to check if the hard drive module is compatible with ML150 G5 and E200 controller.

if there is a non HP hard drive, remove them.

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Re: HP ML150 G5 - RAID 5 strangeness

Hi Bizatanium,

as krishblr has advised, you should always try to update the firmware of the controller and the hard drives (there are some pretty nasty issues with firmware incompatibility). If that doesn't solve the issue, have you checked with other slots in the drive cage (assuming the drives are hot-pluggable). May be the hard drive backplane has taken some damage by this power cut and that would explain why the server has issues only whilst those two drives are connected.

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