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HP ML150 G6 Fan Noise

Charles Acquantis
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HP ML150 G6 Fan Noise

Bought ML150 G6 recently, installed with windows 2003. Knowing that the fan is like jet engine while POST. No problem, but the regular operation fan noise is kind of problem for small office. Some review said that ML150 G6 is a "very silent" machine. ??? Front / Rear fan speed is around 1,500rpm from BIOS reading. Anyway to reduce the noise or reduce the fan speed? I really don't think the CPU(1) / HDDs (3/1TB/7200RPM) need so much air flow. Thanks for help.
Modris Bremze
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Re: HP ML150 G6 Fan Noise


System bios and Light out 100 firmware update with usb key media.

Systems ROMPaq Firmware Upgrade for HP ProLiant ML150 G6 Servers (For USB Key-Media)

Firmware Upgrade for HP ProLiant G6 Lights-Out 100 Remote Management (For USB Key-Media)

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Trygve Henriksen
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Re: HP ML150 G6 Fan Noise

The ML110 G5 series is pretty quiet.
(In my experience. The G4 was noisier. Haven't tried G6 if that exists)
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Re: HP ML150 G6 Fan Noise

Good morning,



well, i download this files in the shown link, update my ML150G6, but there is no difference between before and now. The same noise like ever.

Any more hints?



Bert :-)



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Re: HP ML150 G6 Fan Noise

The linked version may be outdated, check for newer versions here:

Then go to LO100 web page and check for fan health and temperatures.

Hope this helps!

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