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HP ML150 G6 Raid 5 expand

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HP ML150 G6 Raid 5 expand



currently we have  HP ML150 G6 with HP Smart Array P410/256MB RAID Controller 


configuration : 3 physical drive @500 GB , SAS hot plug Raid 5 , at slot 2


the question is , is it possible to expand the capacity of this raid by :

1. Adding another physical drive @500GB ?

2. Changing all drive to a higher capacity , eg : 2TB each ?


i believe if the above is possible , there won't be any downtime since it is hot plug.





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Re: HP ML150 G6 Raid 5 expand

I´m not one expert at ML 150 G5, but at HP generally if you have one or more free expansion Hard disk slots, you can connect this new drives and can do the expansion by two ways:
1) Using P410 Routine, key must be F8 or something similar, add new disks to raid 5 and be aware raid does not try to migrate to other Raid kind, thisis made at boot.
2) Using Hp Tools for RAID ACU or similar to new ones, software based on wondows platafform, you must select controller, and add disk to your existent RAID 5 volume, expansion will be made automatic.
Changing all to 2 TB, look recommend cache for controller, this will be a migration and expansion, there is several ways, the most older is changing disks one by one, and rebuild raid at last disk you can expand, after it you can add more disks to existent Raid volume.
Hope it help´s


Re: HP ML150 G6 Raid 5 expand

You can do all of waht you mentioned online (without even shuting down the OS, provided your P410 has battery) . Without battery, cache is disabled, read/write ratios are locked and expansion/hot add drives are not supported!