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HP ML150G3 POST loop

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HP ML150G3 POST loop


I have an old ML150G3, which I though I would same some life in again to make a test environment.
So have plugged in 4 1TB drives and a single 500GB drive.
It's some WDC disk and a samsung disk, I know that its not Enterprise disks, and definatly not HP sold disks.

I have installed windows 2008 R2 on the system, and moved some data round.
Then I powered down to move to another power outlet then:

When I start the server it starts the fan on 100% as allways, then it quiets down, some times it start to show the HP logo, then reboots, the fans running at 100% again.
And just loops like that.
I then powers down the server, and removes some disks some times 1 is enough some times 2, then the server starts and works flawless.
Then after several tries im lucky the server starts with all drives inserted.

Anyone knows whats going on here?

The BIOS is an new as it can get.
The firmware for the raid controller, I don't know if it's the newest, cause I can't find a link to any bios, can some one help?
It's a "HP embedded SATA RAID controller" from Adaptec. The BIOS I can find, when going to th G3 Driver downloads page, is for LSI controllers.

Regards Lars Mortensen
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Re: HP ML150G3 POST loop

Just tried to to upgrade the BMC from 2.02 -> 2.12 but no joy.

I just tried as I needed the server running with all drives to boot up the server with only 3 disks and then, even though there is a yellow note right over where I insert the disks that I should power-down before inserting disks, inserted the 2 "missing" disks after windows were booted and everything is fine, the server runns smooth with all five drives, but I don't want to reboot or power off the server :)