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HP ML310e Gen 8 & WD Gold Hard Drives

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HP ML310e Gen 8 & WD Gold Hard Drives

Hi Everyone

I have an older ML310e Gen 8 server with the built-in B120i RAID controller running a network that I am looking after. The server is well out of warranty and there is no budget available to replace the server however as it is running out of space (currently has 2x500GB mirrored drives) I was wondering about replacing the drives with WD Gold hard drives.

They are marketed as "Enterprise class Datacenter drives" and have a 5 year warranty.

Was wondering if anyone had tried this and can confirm either way whether it works or not ? I did find a long discussion here:

 but couldn't come up with a definitive YES or NO answer.

I look forward to hearing from people soon. Yes i know that HP will recommend the HP branded drives but i would like to know if the WD Gold drives will work or not.



Re: HP ML310e Gen 8 & WD Gold Hard Drives

hI  Alex_S1  !!

Normaly for this generation 8 not is supported to use non-hpe part, in this case the Hard Drive don't have HPE firmware to the smart array B120i controller manage corretly the write and read in the disk.



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