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HP ML350 CPU Fault, Data recovery

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HP ML350 CPU Fault, Data recovery

Good morning everybody,


Here is my situation, I have a customer who has brought me an ML350 Gen 5 server that has a faulty CPU. This customer has had the capacitors replaced on his motherboard a few years ago (I didn't personally do this one, but I have done this for people before on home PCs). I suspect it is actually an issue with the motherboard rather than the CPU.


But let me cut to the root of my post.


I don't believe it is a smart move for my customer to order replacement parts for this server, but they have 3 hard drives in an unknown RAID configuration and need this data.

I'm curious of if anyone has been in this perdicament before and gone the route of getting a new server and successfully moving the drives over to a new server without loosing the files.

Thinking about getting them to go with a new ML350 Gen 9