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HP ML350 - DLT TAPE - Netware 6.5 "Can't backup"

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HP ML350 - DLT TAPE - Netware 6.5 "Can't backup"

We have a new ML 350 G4 server with a HP DLT tape drive. We are also running hardware raid5.
The server is patched with the Netware 6.5 SP3, after that we loaded the HP support pack onto the server.
We are using Backup Exec to backup the server. Now every 2 to 3 days the server just looses connection to the tape drive.
I ran "list devices" from the server console and the server crashed with an abend.
After rebooting the server I do a list devices and the tape drive is once again showing at the server console prompt. It runs for 3 days or so backing up successfully then it stops. Once again I run list devices from the server console and no tape drive is showing. So I reboot the server and we are good again for a few days.

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Re: HP ML350 - DLT TAPE - Netware 6.5 "Can't backup"

I had a similar issue with a new install of Netware Small Business 6.5 sp2 on an ML350 G4. The server would restart in the middle of a backup. This would occur frequently but randomly.
Turning off Hyper-Threading resolve the problem.