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HP ML350 G4P Server conversion

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HP ML350 G4P Server conversion

I want to convert my ml350 g4p into a high end workstation.  problem is that it wont support a windows 7 OS.  It is my understanding standing that Win7 and Server 2008 share the same kernel and therefore should behave the same with a given application.?...?..?    I am having problems loading Server 2008 on the computer and am having a difficult time justifying the time, effort, and research involved trying to salvage this computer.    So my questions are:    


Is there a known solution for the win7 load and where can I find info regarding such?\




Where can I find a power supply solution/adapter if I decide to swap out the old board and replace with new i7 combo?


I need the dual power, scsi backplane, etc.... Otherwise I wouldn't bother.  Please help!!!!!! 


Re: HP ML350 G4P Server conversion

Hi there,


HP or Microsoft won't officially support Windows 7 on Server Hardware (unless you have some peremier support contract)


Just boot with Windows 7 and use windows 2008 drivers for disk or raid controller. does not guarantee to work. But most of the drivers for windows 2008 should work in 7. do not use HP installer because it will check the OS and hardware. extract those files and manually install drivers.




You many install windows 2008/r2 standard with desktop feature (install using programs and features) to get aero and disable all the server services.


hope this helps