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HP ML350 G5 not booting from HDD.

Justin Cataldo
Occasional Visitor

HP ML350 G5 not booting from HDD.

Hi there,

I'm trying to set up this new machine as a storage server. It has five 750GB SATA drives in it which I'd like to put in a RAID 5 configuration. The OS I'll be using is Windows XP Professional.

My two questions are:
1) How do I make a RAID 5?
2) How do I set the hard drive to boot from?

Regarding question 1:
The Smart Array software only gives the options for RAID 0 and RAID 1+0. I gather that I need to use the HP Array Configuration Utility to create a RAID 5. How do go about doing this?

Regarding question 2:
The bios gives me two controllers to boot from - the RAID controller or the IDE controller. If I select the RAID controller and try to install XP, the XP installer tells me that it can't locate any hard drives.
I also tried putting in an 80GB IDE drive. Windows can see it and will copy the files to it, but when it reboots the machine to continue the installation it boots from the CD again.

When I try to change the boot controller to the IDE one it doesn't seem to work. It just reports that the RAID is first and the IDE is second and won't let me change the order.

So basically my options are:
a) Have the OS on the 80GB IDE drive and set up the RAID 5 for the data.
b) Have the OS and data on the RAID 5 (if this is possible)?

I don't care which option I have to use. Just so long as I get the RAID 5 happening. But more importantly - booting from one of the hard drives!?
What am I missing here?
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Re: HP ML350 G5 not booting from HDD.

What is the controller Model? Could be a E200, if so, you will need a 128MB module to create the RAID5. Regarding the Array Config Utility you can use it booting from Smart Start CD. In order to boot from the HDD, the smart array must be set as primary on the boot order from BIOS.

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: HP ML350 G5 not booting from HDD.

Hello Justin,
As mentioned by Lmm, you are missing a Smart Array Controller that supports SATA HDD; Such as
E200 Controller

Or a P400 Controller.

Also dont Forget to add BBWC.(which improves efficiencies while RAID is Rebuilding etc.)

Once you add this, Your Q#1 is answered as the ACU will give u the option for RAID 5.

Once thats done, You will be able to Select the Boot controller order & set it as the NEW Controller & hence booting from it.(answer #2)

;-) Regards.
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Re: HP ML350 G5 not booting from HDD.

Windows XP isn't a supporting operating system for this server. If you do manage to install Win XP, you would be able to have two logical drives (RAID 1 & 5 or RAID 5 & 5), but boot from only one.

How it works is, you create two logical drives in array configuration, press F6 when setup is starting, supply the controller drivers, select one of the logical drives for Windows, format & install.

Where you will run into a problem is, to get Windows XP drivers for the controller. Post install also you may find that certain hardware isn't working as it should, again you will run into a driver problem. If you are insistent, you may try using Windows 2000 drivers (which may / may not work).

Can I recommend that you use a supported Operating System? Like Windows 2000/2003 server?
Justin Cataldo
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP ML350 G5 not booting from HDD.

Thanks for your help everyone!

I ended up installing 2003 Server and will use a software RAID 5.
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Re: HP ML350 G5 not booting from HDD.

Hi Justin,

It will be good excersice if you give some points to the person (Reply who take time
to help you.