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HP ML350 Server booting problems

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HP ML350 Server booting problems

My server above has had rebooting problems since new. When restarting to run windows updates it gets as far as finding the E200 raid controller, beeps and then tries to boot from the cdrom, nic card etc and ends up with a mac address and some sort of dhp and a spinning line character. Turning it off used to make a difference but not nothing does.

Any ideas. I have to say that in using computers for 30 years this is the most unreliable machine I have ever had (owned it for 2.5 years).
Jose David Gonzalez M
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP ML350 Server booting problems

It seems to be a problem with your HDD controller or with your booting array. Your system is trying to use other booting alternatives.

What you are seeing is your NIC trying to boot from your network becase your other booting options failed.

You should see what kind of error is appearing just after your server detects your E200 raid controller.

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Re: HP ML350 Server booting problems

Hi Rob,

Boot the Smart Start CD and run ADU to see what the array controller diagnostic report says. Post the report here and someone may be able to help determine where the issue is.