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HP ML350G6 Slow Disk Access

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HP ML350G6 Slow Disk Access

we have just purchased a HP ML350g6 server, it is getting slow disk writes. The driver cd for linux has been installed, see email from our software company testing the server.

As an overview: Our test writes + - 4GB worth of data to the disk with multiple threads writing at the same time. Each thread handles a couple of hundred MB and once a thread completes writing it reads everything. This would give us an overall view of multiple users writing and reading at the same time.

This is the result I got from your server:
Started @ 10:46 am
Ended @ 11:55 am
Total 69 mins

I ran this on a different server:
Started @ 11:25
Ended @ 11:28
Total: 3 Minutes.

should i look at running the firmware cd.