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HP ML350P gen 8, add GPU GTX possible ?

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HP ML350P gen 8, add GPU GTX possible ?



I will get soon an ML350p gen8 pc server and I would like to transform it into an workstation in order to use Machine LEarning algorithms . I would like to know if it is possible to use GTX 1080 ti on it ? I saw on userbenchmark that seems possible to use GTX, but I do not see anything about people who have done it on GTX 1080 ti ...

Moreover, the server will have two PSU of 460W (and there are dual cpu) , is it enough if I had only one GTX 1080 ti ? Or should I change the PSU for 750W ?

I thank you for your help !



Re: HP ML350P gen 8, add GPU GTX possible ?

Hello Kuro,

Thank you for your query.

You can refer to server Quick Specs for supported graphics Card for this server. You can also refer to user guide for the Server, to confirm the installation and configuration of the supported graphics Card.

Quick Specs:-


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