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HP ML350e G8 - Fan speed loud when PCI-e card inserted

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HP ML350e G8 - Fan speed loud when PCI-e card inserted

Hi friends! hope everyone is doing ok

I have procurred a 2nd hand ML350e G8 server which I want to start using for repolishing my knowledge

TL;DR when inserting the IB-PCI209 PCI-e to M.2 card (tested multiple slots), the systerm fans go on much higher speed than normal resulting in much louder operation. Is there any way to tame the fans?

Specs and clarification;
ML350e G8, 2 x Xeon E5-2650, 176GB RAM (22 x 8GB),
Onboard HP420i SAS controller connected to the HD cage containing 4 x 300GB SAS, and 4 x 600GB SAS, both in a RAID5 array.
Original 4 x FAN assembly
ICYBOX IB-PCI209 PCI-e to M.2 expansion card with a 250GB PNY XLR8 CS3030 250GB NVME drive (PCI-e)
No other expension cards installed
Running Windows Server 2016, fully updated
Latest firmware on both BIOS, Controller as well as iLO
Tested on multiple PCI-e slots
Changed power settings for Enhanced PCIe speed to both enabled and disabled in BIOS
Changed cooling to "optimal cooling" in BIOS
Removing the card fixes the issues, but obviously was hoping for a way to have the card and fan speed on normal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much in advance,

edit; and in a broader sense; is there _any_ way to manage


Re: HP ML350e G8 - Fan speed loud when PCI-e card inserted

I'm sorry that I'm unable to offer you a solution, but I have a guess as to the reason for the behavior you are seeing. Since you are adding a third-party I/O card, the iLO is probably unable to monitor said card and so it increases the fan speed in an act of "self-preservation" (I've encountered this before with third-party hard drives that cause the same behavior you are seeing). It might be worth logging into the iLO to check the IML and sensor data for any other clues.

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Re: HP ML350e G8 - Fan speed loud when PCI-e card inserted

Hi, thank you for your reply. That would be my guess too (you are a bit more technical as to why it would be the card, thank learning!).. The only thing I would need, is to be able to tell the system the card is fine. I can presume i am not the only peron putting 3rd party hardware in the system, so there has to be a way to either ignore the card, or tell the system its safe

Thanks again, step by step!


Re: HP ML350e G8 - Fan speed loud when PCI-e card inserted



I would suggest you ,use only HPE supported hardware components in the HPE servers.


I think this is not HPE "IB-PCI209 PCI-e to M.2 card" hardware components.


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Re: HP ML350e G8 - Fan speed loud when PCI-e card inserted


thank you, but that's not helpful at all. I assume that the hardware works with better with its own branded hardware, obviously. As i think my question clearly stated was: there has to be a way to tell the system to ignore that its non-hpe hardware, and tone the fans down.

btw, i have tested the system with a HP P410 PCI-e card, and the system shows this to be an "unknown" card in the ilo systems settings, and the fans also exhibit this behavior i spoke about.

i solved the issue by flashing a "hacked" ILO firmware which gives access to the fan behavior (why this is not a standard accessible feature, i will never know) and i used it to manipulate the max settings.
thank your for your help, this thread can be closed.