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HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise


Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

It seems that there may be multiple fan-based issues described in this thread; both constant, loud fan noise and periodic cycles of "sirening" noise.

We had a server with the "sirening" variety of noise, this is the general config and how the issue was resolved.

ML350p Gen8, Server 2008 R2

Cooling set to Optimal

PCIe card - HP SC11Xe Host Bus Adapter - if the card is uninstalled the issue goes away

Steps attempted:

Applied SPP 2013 (current), all applicable updates

Applied array controller firmware 3.54

Reset iLO


Unplugged server, left cold for 5 min.


None of these steps corrected the issue. I was then advised by HP support to make this adjustment:

From the RBSU, select:

Power Management Options > Advanced Power Management Options > PCIe Gen 3 Control

For the slot where the add-on PCIe card is installed, toggle the setting to Disabled.


While the SCSI HBA above is the recommended HBA for this server, ours was 6 years old and does not support the PCIe 3.0 standard. The server has been quiet since the adjustement was made.

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

I am in the same situation with a new server here at work.


The point is, when I get into the RAID controller setup (which is, AFAICS, a Linux based environment) the fans slows down correctly. So I think HP may have kernel patches or other configurations around that never made into distributions and affect the ability to control fans.


This is really disappointing.

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

It seems the lastest Firmware upgrade (SP62937) have some effect on the issue. The fan is still running at a fixed speed but at least it is a lower default so you can actually keep the server in the same room as you are...

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

I had the motherboard replaced, upgraded to the latest firmware (J02 07/02/2013) and latest iLO firmware 1.30. Also added in a missing HD blank and the PCI fan baffle. This has reduced the fan speed (and noise level) from just above 50% to 30%. At 30% the noise is still noticeable but not screaching like before.


I read reviews that the ML350p G8 generates the noise barely above whisper level. There seems to be an issue with ML350e G8 model. If the 'p' version runs so quietly, why not the 'e' version.


This is a great server if not for the noise it generates.


HP, please pull your resouces and help identify the issue and resolve it.

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise



Just a short status update for those who face the same problem as me.


I have the same "loud fan noise" problem with a HP ML350e gen8 server without any extension cards running SLES 11 SP2 xen kernel. Yesterday I installed the new HP firmware (BIOS), and the speed of the fans went down to ~30%. Still loud, but it is better than 57%. Then I installed the hvpsa kernel modul from HP altough I don not use the B120i controller, but the fans are still at 30%. The motherboard has been replaced months ago.



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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Not sure if this will help, but i have a ML 350e Gen8 straight out of the box with the fan noise issue that you all appear to have. My solution:


F9 and go into bios setup. Find cooling which i think was in advanced and change it from increased to optimal cooling.


Fans are now at an acceptable level.


Hope this helps.


Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Hey guys!


Did anyone solve the noise problem with HP ML350e Gen8? I'm considering returning mine as fans don't go slower then 29% - still not acceptable noise level for office space :/




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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

We had success in sorting the fluctuating fan noise issue on a variety of ML350p Gen 8s


The fans now run at 6/27/27 which is acceptable for an office environment


It appears the Power Management Update  3.2 Sept 2013 Online ROM Flash for Windows x64 - Power Management Controller (HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers) sort this one out.


When conducted along with the latest release of the P72 system bios, the SmartArray v4.68 update and the iLO 1.32 update, the fan noise stabilises regardless of load


Sadly, the PMU firmware can only be flashed from a windows based environment, so those of you on ESXi like us will need to boot onto a Windows 7/8/2008R2/2012 install on a seperate disk be it in the RAID or as an additional drive plugged into the internal sata ports.


From testing, the fluctuating (and in fact, increased) fan noise will happen with pretty much any PCIe card put in the server regardless of settings. HP tell me the increased fan speed is by design due to increased airflow needed for expansion cards, but the fluctuating is a firmware bug.


Hope this helps!

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Re: HelRe: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Did someone already found a compatible USB 2.0 or 3.0 PCI-E card which doesn't increase the fan speed?

Does HP have this cards and what are the partnumbers?


I use a HP Proliant 350e G8 and the fan speed increases from 6% to 25 - 30% if I install a Startech 4 port USB 3.0-card (PEXUSB3S4V).



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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Also experencing this issue on server,


We have installed a P410i RAID card and installed all updates as suggested by HP Tech Support.


This update has also been installed with no effect - 


As per the design the Gen8 servers tend to speed up the fans in case there is a PCI card installed.

This happens as the normal flow of the air is obstructed causing the fans to run at higher RPM for optimized cooling.


As per the report I can see :

    5     4x/x4     PCI-E Slot 5      PCI Express Gen2 x8   HP Smart Array P410 Controller


Which could be a cause of the issue reported.


Advised is to

> ensure we are running the latest firmware for the HP Smart Array P410

> Controller


* RECOMMENDED * Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - Smart Array P212, P410, P410i, P411, P711m, P712m, and P812


By downloading, you agree to the terms and conditions of the HP Software License Agreement.

Type:     Firmware - Storage Controller

Version:               6.40 (B) (18 Oct 2013)






After this update made no difference we went back to HP and got the following reply - 


Issue : High Fan Speed

I had a detailed discussion with the Senior Engineer and they have also confirmed that the steps that we performed so far were the only work around for this issue.

As per the design the Gen8 servers tend to speed up the fans in case there is a PCI card installed.

This happens as the normal flow of the air is obstructed causing the fans to run at higher RPM for optimized cooling and also they are designed to be used in  data centers .



I am yet to give up hope as we have a few of these servers out in the real world and would like HP to address this option rather that assume these servers as all in DataCenters around the world.



Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Hi we are also experiencing this issue on a HP ML350p Gen 8 Server, this started when we added two new hard disks and changed the RAID configuration from RAID 5 to RAID 1+0, we have ESXi VMWare vSphere 5.5.0. Besides our disk controller is the P420 Smart Array 1GB FBWC, in our case the fluctuation happens when the temperature sensor for "Disk or DiskBay 1 08-HD" start to increasing without any logical reason from 35 celcius grades (normal temperature) up to 52 celcius, then the fans are elevating till 99.49%, the problem in our case is a system degradation due to a high DPC (Deferred procedure call) Queue by second in processor. We just have SQL Server 2008 R2 in a Windows 2008R2 virtual machine, so the big problem is impacting our transactional system. So if you think we have a very related issue I will appreciate you sharing more information with us.
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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

My experience...


We have a dozen clients with new ML350e Gen8 servers. A couple of them required add-on cards like USB 3.0 or eSata connections. Although it would be nice of HP to include at least USB 3.0 on these servers natively, we find other options for small businesses who can't afford more expensive enterprise equipment. 


Anyway, we have updated ALL firmware to the latest version as of this posting. The only change from a stock server (using HP brand drives) is the addition of a PCIe card in the top slot (can't recall which number).In addition to the firmware updates I have tried every other suggested solution in this post to no avail. That includes the latest power management firmware, PCIe Gen3 Control and the correct thermal settings in the BIOS (Optimal). These particular servers have only a single CPU and no additional fan kits. Before adding the PCIe cards the fans where whisper quiet. 


Fans have the same behavior on both machines in questions, typically between 29% & 36%


It seems none of the fixes suggested here work for us. I sure hope HP listens and releases a full fix via BIOS, which seems to be the only solution.


Thanks all

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Dear Marin_uk

I don't know if this has been adressed yet, seeing i didn't scroll through the entire thread but this is an advisory released by HP which might help : .

Kind regards
Disclaimer : My voice is my own , I do not represent HP on this forum . Just hear to help where I can :)
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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

We have fixed our issue!!


I wanted to update everyone with an update that fixes the issue for us.  After following everything on here and other sources we had another look at the board and the onboard Raid Controller.


We noticed that our model had the option to install a  Smart Array Flash Backed Write Cache (512MB) (p/n -631922-B21)


We have since purchased this and installed it into our server ...... fans now running at 8-10%.   We have removed the other raid card installed and the system is up and running without issues.

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Incredibly mine stopped making noise after I updated the whole firmware as it went from 75% to 43%.

I also disconnected the Ambient temp connector!!


Now I disabled the PCI Gen 3 in Advanced options and I am at 6%!!

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Like others I've experienced the fan noise issue:


In the end I raised a support call with HP. They told me this is a known issue with non-HP Parts. The suggested I did firmware updates, but if these didn't work it wasn't their problem but mine. As I suspected a firmware update and tinkering with the BIOS settings had zero or nominal effect - when compared to disabling my Intel Dual Port Cards. 


The moral is never fit anything to a HP server that isn't from HP because the warranty T&C will invalidate any further support and you'll be left with the "this is a know issue" response. Who'd a thunk that, I niavely thought PCI was an industry standard?


Anway, throughout my research I remember someone saying that it was possible to disable the thermal detection on the PCI bus by some jumper/cable-pull on the motherboard.


For the life of me I can't find that in my search history, nor can I find a suitably detailed circuit layout to attempt this workaround (yes, I'm aware of the risks...) The alternative is yanking out the card, ebaying them and then giving HP even more of my valuable cash...





Edward Osicki
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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise - keeps happening - there must be a serious problem with these servers

We have a server which has had its mother board replaced 3x times.  Problem of excessive fan speeding and then servr crashing keeps happening.  The server is 100% HP with the latest firmware, so we are just left in the lurch - cannot HP take this seriously and investigate properly, and stop just replacing motherboards, as this does not cure the problem.  It is obviously something more deep that needs urgent tracking down. 

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Same noise problem with a ml350p gen8.

Many attempts to solve the problem. The only way seems to be very near of "HP's way of computing" (welcome back 25 years behind)! Anything non-HP dedicated seems to be very dangerous so don't do that... or hear it !


Only three fans installed so I'll give speed datas like this : X/F2/F3/F4.

Room temp is quite constant from 20 to 22°C.

8Gb RAM. P420i + FBWC 512Mb. BIOS P72 02/10/2014  + iLO 1.51 Jun 16 2014 + new CPU generation (less temp)

Nothing added into that server : No HDD - No PCI - No RAM...


First step : out of the box

Out of the box, without any HDD, fans are constantly running at XX/32/32/32 when idle (this is VERY loudy - approx 70dB @1meter). The only way to have the fans back at X/6/6/6 was to attach a disk at the P420i onboard raid card. Nothing else could do the job. I did this by adding an HDD in the hot-swap cage AND by just linking an HDD to the P420i directly with a SAS 2 SATA cable (SFF-8087 to (4) x1 SATA). Both solutions worked, just attaching a disk is enough, don't configure it, it's not needed. A broken HDD (An old laptop broken HDD - I don't advise using that in prod. env.) is enough too ! HP support (french speaking) was asked for a solution, but failed by just linking me to this thread (I has already known) !


Step two : added PCI boards (one at the same time)

Adding any non-HP (or even an old HP) PCI card speed up the fans by X/6/27/27 witch is quite a bit too loudy for an office. My goal was to use another HDD controler than the P420i (need JBOD for sofware raid), but it does not seem to be well ! As many other I'd like to add USB3 support (we're in 2014 uh!) in a dual-CPU SMB-class server, but it seems that even HP cards are incompatible (lack of temp sensor ?). I tried to disable the 'PCI gen 3' but this didn't do anything. I didn't tried to disconnect the ambiant temp connector...


I understand that HP wants to protect the hardware from overheating... but this seems to be a little bit too much protective ! Now, I have to leave some options and have to go back the HP way.


Less choices is never the good way.

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise



I have no official response from HP yet (neither a logical explenation) but I found a solution for my issue with extensive fan noise...



brand new ML350p, VMware 5.5 (HP Image) running on SD, no disks nor PCIx cards... Latest SPP updated... And a lot of noise...


Just by installing a physical disk inside the server (did not configured a RAID aset or so) lowered directly the speed of the fan including the noise...


Server is whisper silent now... I will escalate it to all my contacts inside HP for an explanation...


So it must be a logic inside sea of sensors which is not correct I assume...





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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

I don't know if this helps but I just added a new ML350p G8 next to a ML370 G6 and a ML370 G3. The G3 was removed after moving functions to the new unit.


The ML370 G6 with 18Gb RAM, 6x300Gb 10K drives running VMware 5.0 was much quieter than the G3 running Windows Server 2003r2 machine next to it, which I always considered loud. The G5 is very loud when first starting up and noticeable louder when restarting.


The new ML350p G8 installed with 32Gb RAM, 3x300Gb 10k drives, Server 2012r2 & SQL 2012 is almost silent. It is very loud when starting up and unlike the ML370 G6 it is also almost as loud when restarting. The sound level was unchanged when adding a second 460W PS. I have not yet added redundant fans and it will soon get more hard drives and another virtual server.

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

just wanted to share my own experience, i feel i owe the internet this advice.


My ml350p g8 was purchased as a replacement for my failed g6 which was silent.


the new g8 has been so noisey it been painfull to live with (i have a server at home in my office)


any way .... rang hp to complain ran all the updates and provided a active health management diagnostics 


had removed the fans and refitted hp then sent me new ones, installed these and restarted and even installed the additional fan that does not come as standard still nothing 


rang hp again they sent me a new motherboard i installed this still high fan speeds


in the end my probem seemed to relate to my choice of 3rd party sas discs of which i only had 4 installed not the full 8 sff i was luckily given some g8 smart sas discs to transfer my data to today to resolve this problem.


was about to walk downstairs after sloting in the additional caddies/sas discs and all of a sudden the server fans all slowed down. so after all that it turns out that third party discs are ok as long as you have at least 1 HP Genuine Smart SAS Discs i wont be removing my 3rd party discs at all and all is now cool 




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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

I had the same problem as you. There is a workaround that I am surprised HP didn't inform you of. I had to set a couple of these up. They both emitted annoying "ramping" sounds from their system fans. I should add that both were new, fresh out of the box, Raid 1+0 on 3 10k sas drives, and the only addition was an extra 8 GB stick of HP RAM. 


If you are fine with a medium hum that is constant, not ramping continually. Go to the advanced system options in the BIOS. There you can choose between optimal cooling, increased cooling, and max cooling. Select the INCREASED COOLING option. This is a steady, less loud (still annoying) option that elliminates the ramping. The optimal cooling was checked by default on 2 of these that I set up. It's a shame because many of these floor model servers don't end up in data centers, but wind up in office environments. 

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise


(for me)

Go and download the server service pack from HP for this machine. Install it, make sure your system updates are installed. Install all firmware updates and driveers, then reboot your system, enter the BIOS setup. Go to the thermal configuration page in the advanced power options, make sure the server is set to "Optimal Cooling".


No more ramping noise, no more loud fans! Thanks to HP for addressing this issue. 

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise



I was able to bring fan speeds down to 6%/6%/6% while using ubuntu on an ML350e Gen8 by following this procedure (THANKS!!!)


Without this driver my fan speeds are about 12% with no PCIe cards.  


Adding a PCIe NIC will increase fan speeds beyond 25% or more (it seems it depends on the slot in use)


The driver above is also needed to have storage status under iLO.  


HDD drive type seems to have no effect.  I have a genuine HP drive and a non-HP and I still see 6% fan speeds.


The genuine  HP Drive I got is a repackaged WD Enterprise drive.  I suspect it only has minor firmware tweaks if any.


Sorry but this is a home lab and I can't afford all HP genuine HDDs.  I'm using genuine HP memory though.



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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

hi there i fix this problim 

its esy so you must tak this 2 stepes 

1************ if you using LFF disk drive ********************

    *the drive must be 10K speed max  sas 300gb 10K LFF

    *the power must be 750w or more  



i like this sloutin its more stable for this server 

i chenge all disk drive 

1 i bay SAS 300GB 15K SFF 2.5 without caddy .and i put this drive in caddy LFF .

in this sloution i have more speed in hard drive and i save power .

( you must bay adabtar from 3.5 to 2.5 


you are will came 

charif mohamed algeria