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HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

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HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Been configuring a new ML350e Gen8 Server.


Updated the iLo and BIOS to the latest version and have installed a FAN Kit so that I have four fans in the Server.


The fan noise form this Server is very loud and at present while I'm working on it I have had to put it a cupboard to try and reduce the noise in the office as it just too load to work in the same room as it.


Is there anyway of reducing this noise ?


I have seen this problem before on other Servers and the iLo and BIOS updates have usually fixed this problem, but not in this case.



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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise



I have the same problem on a ML350p... Any solution would be great... Firmwares are up2date ass well...


If not I will open a case at HP...





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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

Same problem with ML350p Gen8.


The server is in an air conditioned room, has three fans and all BIOS/Firmware upgrades but the customer is complaining about the noise. When idle is seems to have a hum but often the fans rev up a bit making it even louder.


System has 64GB Ram, 8 x 10K SAS drives and the CPU rarely goes above 10% usage. The previous server was an ML350 Gen5 with 8GB Ram and 6 x 10K SAS drives and hardly makes any noise at all.

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise



I have the same problem on my ML350e Gen 8. But i have no additional Fans installed. Would it be better if i install the two additional Fans?




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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise



I am having this same issue.  Fans are running at %100 all the time with not load on the server.  BIOS and iLO updates did

not fix.  Has anyone found a solution to this issue?



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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

I have the same problem with my ML350e Gen8.  I am running Redhat Ent 6.2, and I I have installed all of the Linux drivers in the SPP.  I can monitor the status of the fans from both the command line and the ILO interface.  I have two fans and they are running at 50% -- sounds like a vacuum cleaner sitting next to me.


If I install Windows the fans go silent (10% speed).  If I boot into the Smart Controller Utility (which appears to be running an embedded Linux) the fans go silent (10% speed).


I don't understand why my fans constantly run at the higher speed when I have RHEL6 installed with the latest SPP drivers.  The server temps are not elevated.


I need to get this server running, preferrably on Linux, but I can't have the constant fan noise in my work environment. 


Any solutions or clues that I can pursue?



Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

The Gen8 team is looking to gather as much information about these cases as possible.  They've requested that any users experiencing this issue to log a case, using the following process:


  1. Navigate to the ProLiant ML350e HP Support Center page
  2. Scroll down to the "GET HELP FROM HP" section on the left-hand side of the page, and click the "Submit or manage support cases" link
  3. Follow the instructions within the Support Case Manager process

Thank you!

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Re: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

I have the same problem. RHEL 6.4 and too much fan noise. Updated BIOS etc.

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HelRe: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise



I found a Solution for my Server.


I removed all additional PCI-E Cards and build in the Redundancy Kit (with additional Fans) for this Server. After that the Speed of the Fans reduces the speed to 7%.




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Re: HelRe: HP ML350e Gen8 Fan Noise

I have the same problem... the server has been running for a little more than a month...


And today I did a full Windows server backup and installed a Startech USB 3.0 PCIe card, the server is still running fine after this part.



After I installed the PDF convertor 8 and Office 2013... and a restart... it is still fine...


But after a while... the fan start acting up, it is running up and down which is very annoying, I am totally fine if it is running in a constant speed(with noise).


Most importantly, the cpu usage is less than 5% all the time, it is jumping between 0-4%.


I am just glad that I am not the only one who has this problem... because I usually have bad luck with me...







A HP rep. get back to me within 1 hour after I submit the request, but... he recommends to remove the StarTech's PCIe card... 


I will wait until Wednesday and see...