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HP Ml310e Gen8 installing win 2012 R2 help

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HP Ml310e Gen8 installing win 2012 R2 help

I've been struggling this for a while now. I have the latest SPP on a bootable USB, I've ran this and when I run it again it claims it is up to date. However, when I try to install via IP I can see that I am still running the IP version 1.4, not 1.6 which I expected it to be updated to. If it were updated, then I would expect it to then give me the option to install 2012 R2 and not error in the final throws of installation. Currently, during the update stage of the installation I receive an error stating "windows could not apply unattend settings during pass"


I'm at a  bit of a loss now, can I boot directly from the windows bootable USB with the correct HD drivers to hand, if so, where are they? Currently doing this gives and error that it could not locat the partition or some such.


Why is this such a PITA! I've never had this kind of grief before just trying to get an OS onto a box.

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Re: HP Ml310e Gen8 installing win 2012 R2 help

I suggest to go to drivers page for your server, download the latest intelligent provisioning ISO, create an USB stick and boot from to update IP.

Hope this helps!

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