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HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2


HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2

Customer has 10 DL585 G2 servers (DL585R02 O2.8GHz-1MB, 8GB, 95W (4P Dual-Core), model 439727-421)with ESX 3.0.2.
Each server has seven PCI-Express and two 100MHz PCI-X slots.

Internal configuration is:
on PCI-e:
4 x NC364T 4-port NIC
2 x FC1142SR
1 x P400 SA
on PCI-X
1 x NC7170 2-port NIC
1 x NC340T 4-port NIC

In start there were two NC 340T but according to the customer advisory you can't have more then five 4-port Gigabit NIC
SUPPORT ID: c01096597

one card was then replaced by NC7170.

HP L2 support now want us to remove all NC340T cards from servers and replace them with NC7170 since NC340T are NOT SUPPORTED in this type of server as the configuration of servers will be supported by HP (to open next case).

I cant agree with them as I can't find any document to prove this.
Here is the answer of L2 support. State "indicated by you" means our local HP support guy.

" The NC340T is not supported on this server.
The configuration suggested is supported or this as indicated by you.
4 x NC364t = 16 ports
2 x NC7170 = 2 ports
2 x NC371i = 2 ports
summary 22 ports
1 x P400 Smart array
2 x FC1142SR
Please consider the advisory for any recommendations, as indicated by Engineering.

I would like to hear any opinions on this statement.
James ~ Happy Dude
Honored Contributor

Re: HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2

Hello Borc,


& search for "Communications"

I think their findings are CORRECT !


Re: HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2

Maybe you don't understand me correctly. There is four NC364T and one NC340T cards per server. So totally FIVE 4-port cards.

I know that NC340T is not on the list there. If you look at the OARS, picture below (Onsite Agents Reference Set, July-August 2007), NC 340T is option card for this server (but funny no NC364T in the list)

I can't find anything about NC340T not to be supported in this server.

Andrew Merritt_2
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Re: HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2

On the site, there is an advisory which might be relevant -

"Advisory: HP ProLiant DL385 and ProLiant DL585 Servers Do Not Support the NC340T PCI-X 4-Port 1000T Gigabit Server Adapter Installed in a 133-MHz PCI-X Slot Due to a Chipset Erratum"

However, the overview page for the NC340T does list several models of DL585 as compatible systems:

So, I suggest you point HP support at that, or get your HP account rep involved.


Re: HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2

Hello Andrew,

The first advisory you point to is for DL585 not for DL585 G2.
Advisory is for DL585 G1 which has all PCI-X slots and 2 of them are on 133MHz.

In DL585 G2 there are only two PCI-X slots and both are 100 MHz.

Servers in my case (HP ProLiant DL585 G2 8220 2.8GHz 4P PC5300 95W Rack Server) are on supported list for NC340T (your second link)
I pointed HP support that NC340T are supported in server, but they said that card is not supported because it is not included in Quick Specs for the server (link that Sujith James point to)

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2

The NIC Quick specs state the NC340T as supported on DL585 G2.


Re: HP NC340T not supported in DL585G2

But it is not as option card in comunications section in QuickSpecs for DL585 G2 what is in my case enought for HP L2 support to said that NC340 is NOT SUPPORTED.