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HP NFT teaming and NDIS IM driver (filter)

Ran Deri
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HP NFT teaming and NDIS IM driver (filter)


As part of my companie's product, we have developed an NDIS filter driver (firewall).
Some of our customers are working with HP-Teaming driver, which usually works very good with our filter driver, but since we are doing some manual interventions, I would like to consult about the way we achieve this and to make sure it is optimal.

In regular installation on a computer with 2 NICs, after the CPQTeam is installed and configured (with NFT team), if I install my filter driver, it is bound only to the virtual NIC that was created by the CPQTeam (the other bindings to the 2 real NICs are removed by cpqteam.dll notification object).
Since I want that my filter driver will be bound directly to the NICs and not to the virtual one, I rename the file cpqteam.dll before the installation of my filter, thus my filter is bound to all the tree NICs. After the installation finishes , I manually unbind my filter from the virtual NIC and revert cpqteam.dll to its original name.

This method is working, but I whould like to ask if the same result can be achieved without cancelling cpqteam.dll ...

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Re: HP NFT teaming and NDIS IM driver (filter)

Please feel free to contact me directly via email about this inquiry. I don't want to post my email address to prevent spamming. Our email address format at HP is which will allow you to deduce my address.

There really isn't any other way that I know of to do what you are trying to do. I would like to find out why your filter driver must be bound directly to the physical NICs (miniports) instead of to the Teaming driver virtual interface. It seems to me that you should be able to accomplish everything you need to do by binding to the virtual interface since the physical NICs can ONLY deliver frames to the Host OS via the Teaming Intermediate driver. By firewalling the Teaming intermediate driver virtual interface, you are filtering all traffic sent/received by all underlying physical NICs.

I'll await your reply via email.

Best regards,
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Re: HP NFT teaming and NDIS IM driver (filter)

Hi Connery:


I just searched this thread, now I encounter a simple and strange issue.

We use a product base on NDIS intermediate driver, but it is not compatible with HP Nc382 network adapter driver. I found out that even I use a sample "Passthru" from "Microsoft WDK 7600.1". It is still cannot working.


The situation as below:
After I installed the "Passthru" sample, when I start the driver as command "net start passthru", it will be failed. But if I did not use the nc382 driver, it is working successfully.

Why I could start my driver as Ran(the questioner)?


Windows2008 R2 64bit, HP DL380 G7 Server(nc382 dual port network adapter).

Please help me, thanks!


I want to contact you via email, but I did not know your email address. 



P.S. It would be nice if the discussion is not diverted to personal email ids. This could potentially generate spam mails for you and is best to resolve the issues within the forum, this way, other members too will learn from the answers that come by. If you need to contact with other user, please use Private Messages. - HP Forum moderator