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HP NIC Teaming problem

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HP NIC Teaming problem

Hi Folks,

I hope someone can help.

Ive got an NC365T Quad nic in an ML server, bonded into an LACP link. However incoming traffic is ONLY ever accross three of the four links.

If I unplug a cable and replug it, then all four links are used for a few seconds as expected, but then after a few seconds, it defaults back to just using 3 out of the 4 links.

Anyone know what this could be?


Switch is an 1810-24G and I have tried a couple of others, and they both do the same, with all different firmware revisions, so Im thinking it must be server side.


Why the hell will it not use all four links continuously?!

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP NIC Teaming problem

Hey, and I presume you created an LACP link on the switch side too?