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HP NIC teaming problem on boot

Galante Cristiano
Occasional Visitor

HP NIC teaming problem on boot

Hi, when the server with the NIC teaming boot the state of the virtual NIC is "Acquiring network address".

I've a HP ProLiant DL365 G5 with the double NC373i NICs with the last driver HP. The HP Network teaming software is the version 9.60. The OS is Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 with SP2 and the latest patches. The NICs are connected to a Cisco Catalyst 3550 and the team is configured in "802.3ad dynamic with fauls tolerance" with the "Destination IP address" transmit Load balancing method.
The Catalyst ports configuration is:

switchport access vlan 2
switchport mode access
channel-group 14 mode active

Can You help me?
Thank's and best regards.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP NIC teaming problem on boot

Hi, it seems to be an old issue with LACP, NCU, Windows and Cisco Switches. Basically a TCP/IP Race condition. Is the team using DHCP or an static address???

You can try some stuff like configuring Spanning-tree portfast on the interfaces and it might alleviate the issue.

However I´ll recommend to configure the team as automatic and change the switch config as channel-group mode on instead of active, that way the team will go to SLB instead of LACP mode, it will give you same 2 GB Tx/Rx and it will not have this issue after a reboot.

If you have any question or need more info on this, let me know.
Graeme Bray
Regular Advisor

Re: HP NIC teaming problem on boot

Did you just upgrade the NIC to the latest driver?

I personally have had issues when I upgrade the driver on the 373i NIC. I upgrade them then it always takes a reboot. I've seen it where I have had to unteam them and then re-team them together.

It'd be helpful if you could get some kind of Event Log Entry and let us see that.
Galante Cristiano
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP NIC teaming problem on boot

OK! Great!

I've configured the team in SLB and the etherchannel with on instead active and now work fine!

Galante Cristiano
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP NIC teaming problem on boot

It's work.
Brian Vickers
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP NIC teaming problem on boot

We've had the same problem.

We've got Cisco 6500's for our core/server aggregates and this was an HP DL360 G5 running Server 2003 Standard R2 x64. Driver version is

Setting the channel-group to on and the teaming type to SLB fixed our issues.