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HP Network Configuration Utility


HP Network Configuration Utility


   I have a pair of DL385G7 attached to an P2000 G3 iSCSI MSA via two NC382i DP Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters with a pair of V1810G-8 gigabit ethernet switches in between. MPIO has been installed and the Cluster Validation Report indicates multiple paths. The cluster passes all tests. I have configured 8 paths, (2 NICS x 2 switch ports x 2 redundant P2000 controllers).


I am running a W2K8R2 Datacenter Edition Failover Cluster with Hyper-V. I am attempting to ensure I have the storage configured optimally. The P2000 is hosting a Cluster Shared Volume which contains all of my (18) virtual machines.   


  When I open the NCU and look at the property pages, I see an unchecked checkbox labeled "Enable iSCSI Device". Do I need to check this box and enter the same ip address properties define to the NIC at the OS level?


  What is the purpose of the NCU and should I be concerned? Have you published any papers or guides that I may look at?


  I am looking to get that warm fuzzy feeling one gets when everything is configured properly.





Re: HP Network Configuration Utility



Refer to this document (page# 7):



iSCSI Settings tab
To enable iSCSI:
1. Select an HP Multifunction Adapter in the NCU Main window and click Properties to display the Multifunction Adapter Properties Settings tab. Alternatively, hold down the Alt key and enter p to display the Settings tab.

2. Select Enable iSCSI Device to enable iSCSI on the multifunction adapter. iSCSI cannot be enabled on the device if the adapter is in an Automatic, 802.3ad Dynamic with Fault Tolerance, or Switch-Assisted Load Balancing with Fault Tolerance (SLB) team. This control is not available for iSCSIbooted systems and it is not supported on adapters that have Flex-NIC enabled.

Note: In some scenarios we get "Login Failed" pop-up only when the iSCSI device is enabled through the Network Configuration Utility.

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