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HP P212 Smart Array Controller rebuild speed

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HP P212 Smart Array Controller rebuild speed



I have these hardware components:

2 SATA drives (not HP, 500GB) on RAID 1 connected to P212

2 SAS drives (not HP, 3TB, 7200) on other RAID1 connected to P212

HP P212 Smart Array Controller, Zero Memory (no cache module, no battery)

HP PROLIANT ML110-G7 4GB server.


One day I pulled one SAS drive out, after a while inserted it back and rebuilding started . It took approx. 6 days (about 140 hours) to complete the rebuiding of 3TB disk. Is it normal?


The operating system of server is Debian Linux 6.0. I have set 'rebuild_priority' to 'high' through 'hpacucli'. Tried to enable 'Drive write cache', but this did not speed up the process.


Will P212 cache module and/or battery speed up rebuilding process? Is there anything I can do, to speed up the rebuilding process, cause I think it is too slow.

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Re: HP P212 Smart Array Controller rebuild speed

Rebuild is a 0 procedure, even if the disk have information the rebuild starts from 0% till 100% for success.
Worse disk more time to do it.

Working online at rebuild will delay it more.


Generally, a rebuild operation requires approximately 15 to 30 seconds per gigabyte for RAID 5 or RAID 6. Actual rebuild time depends on several factors, including the amount of I/O activity occurring during the rebuild operation, the number of disk drives in the logical drive, the rebuild priority setting, and the disk drive performance. ACU lets you view the rebuild progress and set the priority for the rebuild operation.