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HP P400 Raid and F8 not functioning

Tom Kuipers
Occasional Visitor

HP P400 Raid and F8 not functioning

Hi There,

There is no possibility to start the configuration of the Raid controler, P400, with the F8 key. The server is booting but the F8 function does not work at al. There is no error given. The card is working wel and can be configured with the Windows tools.

Does anybody know the solution.


Server no HP, ASUS server!
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP P400 Raid and F8 not functioning

Hello Tom,

F8 option will only work if option rom config utility is present but if i am not wrong its on systemboard on a chip so it will not work but if u want configure raid then u will have to use array config utilty and it is present on smart start cd under maintain server option so if u have a smart start cd then use that or use the following to get

HP SmartStart CD x32

thanks regards
Sammy :)
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP P400 Raid and F8 not functioning

Hi Sammy ,

I got the same problem while starting up the server and pressing F8 for RAID configuration but it doesnot work. My machine is HP DL 380 and I want to install RedHAT AS4 on that with RAID 1+0 configuration.

What you suggest ? do I have to follow the same procedure.

Many Thanks