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HP P410i Controller ~ Drive reads 0GB and Status of "Failed" ...?

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HP P410i Controller ~ Drive reads 0GB and Status of "Failed" ...?



Config: ProLiant DL360G6, Windows Server 2k3-R2 Standard,

P410i Controller with drives ~ three72GB in bays1, 2, and 7 (hotspare, logical #1), five 300GB in bays 3 thru 6, and 8 (hotspare for logical  #2)

RAID 1 (mirror) on Logic #1, RAID 5 setup on Logic #2
All Windows updates are current. All firmware updates are current.


Bays 2 & 3, a 72GB and a 300GB drive,  respectively, went out on us.  I replaced 'em but the bays (disks) keep failing when I insert new disks.

Per HP's advice, I replaced both the Backplane and the P410i controller, and I've replaced the drives with brand new ones.  The drives still come back as "fail". 


Both bays show 0GB on the 72GB & 300GB drives with  the status as Failed.


Now, I know we can put in a new larger GB drive in bay #2 and the system will only reimage to the 72GB used.

I tried this.  Inserting a 300GB into bay #2 still shows it as failed / "faulty".


I've dug deep on the internet to see about trying to resolve this. HP doesn't seem to have any answers, either.  I have not found anything of a cause so far.

Any and all insghts would be appreciated