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HP PSP Problem

Occasional Contributor

HP PSP Problem

Hi All,


I have HP Proliant 320s and the network cards are flapping.after last couble of weeks i checked with setting my NICs set  to 100Mbps instead of auto but the problem exist and i found that it is a driver problem so erlier when we installed server first time installed the proliant supports pack version 7.70 and recntly i have format the server cuz of disk faliure and then installed the proliant supports pack version 7.70 psp-8.70.w2k3.i386. so then problem happens so i thought to reformat it and install the server with old PSP version.i have 2 windows partitions. I have 2 questions,


1) i want to install windows 2003 R2 32bit . is it possible to install it using HP smart start version 7.70?


2)  while i format and install using HP smart start , is the data is deleted on the 2 partition(D drive)?


Please Help...