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HP Please provide some drivers!!

Occasional Contributor

HP Please provide some drivers!!

I'm getting a little annoyed, as I am using RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 - and HP are not releasing the drivers in a consistent manner.

RHEL 5 is currently at version 5.3 (kernel 2.6.18-128.el5), However HP do not provide compatible drivers for this version.

I am looking for drivers for the Embedded G5 SATA Raid Controller. (which currently supports upto kernel version 2.6.18-53.el5)
This of course means I am left back with an old version of RHEL (not being able to ake advantage of bug fixes).

What's really annoying is that some of the drivers for my Proliant do support the newer kernel version, and some do not.

You could at least provide the driver in a kernel independent kpackage format that will install regardless of kernel version or provide the source for me to build the driver myself.

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Re: HP Please provide some drivers!!

Maybe the driver package is no longer necessary in RHEL 5.3?

Often the lack of SATA RAID controller drivers for the new RHEL update level means that the support for your SATA controller is now included in the standard RHEL kernel of the new update level.

It seems to me that if a new server model from a major hardware manufacturer turns out to require a driver disc to install RHEL, RedHat tries very hard to eliminate this requirement in the next possible RHEL update release.

Download the latest RHEL 5.3 installation CD/DVD images from the RedHat Network and try them out.