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HP Power Manager 4.2 over serial connection

Markus Gerber
Occasional Contributor

HP Power Manager 4.2 over serial connection

Hello everybody,

my UPS R5500RX has a six port serial card included. I'm trying to manage it that all six servers powered by the UPS are gracefully shutdown using this serial connection. This is neccessary, because the network connection goes down in case of power failure. So the trigger for shutdown need to be sent over the serial connection. Is there a way to manage this with one Power Manager 4.2 management server and 5 agents?

Because I read that the Management server only talks over TCP/IP connection to the remote agents.

Thanks for any help

Regards, Markus
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Power Manager 4.2 over serial connection


please check page 12 of the HPPM 4.2 user guide:

There is shown what you are trying to do(configuration 2). It is written that with the 6 port card you can connect 3 servers only! Every connected server must be with Power Manager installed and serially connected to the server.
In the other configuration(C - on page 13) with 1 HPPM the shutdown is initiated over the network, in the B scenario - not.
The bad here is that you can connect only 3 of your servers to the UPS, else you need to use the network for the graceful shutdown if you want 6...