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HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Nvidia Grid K2 not recognized

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HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Nvidia Grid K2 not recognized

I am trying to add an NVIDIA GRID K2 to my HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 but I am not having any success.

I have the following configuration:

  • NVIDIA GRID K2 Reverse Air Flow Dual GPU PCIe Graphics Accelerator
  • Two E5-2620v2 processors.
  • The GRID is installed in the secondary position
  • I have two 1200W PSUs installed.

A couple of things I have noted:
I get no power on the second 10 pin plug on the secondary riser, even though I have two 1200W PSUs. I am using an external power source for now.
The PCI-E Slot 4 shows as Empty in iLo 4

I would appreciate any suggestions, this is very frustrating.


Re: HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Nvidia Grid K2 not recognized


Please follow the customer advisory to isolate and fix this issue.

Advisory: ProLiant DL380p Gen8 Server - System ROM Enhancement Has Been Released for NVIDIA GRID K1 and K2 Modules

The server should be updated with the latest.

After the System ROM has been updated, perform one of the following options in order to use the enhancement:

Option 1:

If System ROM version dated 12/20/2013 is used and it is desired to port video to the NVIDIA GRID K1 or K2 card, perform the following:

  1. Press F9 during POST.
  2. After entering the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU), navigate to Advanced Options and then Video Options.
  3. Select "Optional Video Primary, Embedded Video Secondary."
  4. Save changes and exit by pressing F10.


Use the Virtual Serial Port (VSP) to force the video setting in the RBSU menu. Connect to the iLO 4 IP address via the Virtual Serial Port as follows:

  1. ssh to iLO 4 IP
  2. type -vsp
  3. Enter RBSU during the boot process by pressing ESC+9.
  4. To see the current video setting, type rbsu> SHOW CONFIG VIDEO OPTIONS-> Video Options. The options are: Optional Video Primary Embedded Video Disabled, Optional Video Primary, Embedded Video Secondary, Embedded Video Primary, or Optional Video Secondary.
  5. To change the video settings to view POST messages via iLO 4 Remote Console, type the following: rbsu> SET CONFIG VIDEO OPTIONS 3 and choose one of the options displayed.
  6. Exit VSP and power-cycle the server.

Option 2:

Clear NVRAM as follows:

  1. Shut down the server.
  2. Open the server lid and flip dip switch number 6 to ON, on the 12-bank Maintenance Switch.
  3. Power on the server once then shut the server down again (this will clear NVRAM.)
  4. Open the server lid and flip dip switch number 6 to OFF, on the 12-bank Maintenance Switch.
  5. Power the server back on.

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