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HP ProLiant DL560

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HP ProLiant DL560

I just aquired a what I was told a ProLiant DL 560, It was used as a spare and never installed on the network, it has Windows 2003 enterprise sp1 server installed. I downloaded the manuals for the DL560 gen8 and gen 9, the illustrations don't look any thing like what I have. Is there a way to determine what I have by model number? The previous owner (not computer literate) said he lost the password but I can't get to a login screen, (no video). If I can get to a bios screen can I just re-install the OS and put a new password and user id in? The model number is D 346kzh5h042 it has dual zeon 2.8ghz processors a floppy drive and a cd drive and two 146.8 10 k ultra 320 scsi drives. This is my first server so I need real basic help. I have built desktops and used them so I know a little bit but it seems like servers are a whole new level to get to. Thanks for any help you can give me.  danl1

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Re: HP ProLiant DL560

With U320 SCSI drives, I'd suspect it is the first generation DL560 and was in production 2003-2005. Parts might be a bit hard to come by

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Re: HP ProLiant DL560


If you forget the password, you can reset it using ERD Commander.

You can install and use the 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Driver link

DL560 G1 Quicspecs link


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