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HP ProLiant DL580 G7 psu fan spinning but no power

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HP ProLiant DL580 G7 psu fan spinning but no power


It was recently given  me an HP ProLiant ML580 G7 with 4x xeon 8837, 4x 126 gb hard drives, 128GB DDR3 ram. It is not in the best conditions, but electronics seem to be fine, only the power button has desoldered from the system insight board, but that should not be the problem. Before trying it, I've dusted it, then I plugged it, and it seemed to be booting fine (all fans were spinning), but then I realized that I forgot to install the heatsinks onto the CPUs, so I immediately unplugged it. After installing the 4 heatsinks, I tried to power it on, but without luck: this time, no lights on the power supplies were on, the system insight display was only showing a green power light, both UID and power button lights were on, the board LCD was saying "00", only the power supply fan was spinning. Shorting the power button pins did nothing. Another thing I noticed is that the server semms "freezed": for example, if I unplug a fan, the system insight led of that fan does not turn amber, it stays off like if the fan is installed and working properly, while before it would have lighted up. Another thing is that, when I plug it in, a green led on the ILO board lights up but after a second or so it turns back off; also the heatsink of this board gets a little hot if I leave the server plugged in, like if it is doing something. Also, a lot of little leds in the bottom part of the PCIE board light up amber.

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Re: HP ProLiant DL580 G7 psu fan spinning but no power

Try powering up the server with minimum configuration and check the LED's. Since it was powered on without heatsink and after adding the same it looks that could have caused an issue. However as you have mentioned that the PSU's are working so now you will have to isolate by min configuration of dimms, cpu, etc. Since this server has multiple components and needs to be checked with different part. There are major components like SPI board, Systemboard, Processor drawer and other components which will be able to isolate only with spare parts hence would recommend you to log a support ticket so that this can be checked.



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