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HP ProLiant ML110 G4 Server Max Single HDD Size

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HP ProLiant ML110 G4 Server Max Single HDD Size



I have looked at the spec sheet for this server and i know that the embedded SATA RAID can only support a 2tb RAID. But I would like to know if someone knows what the largest single drive(s) size i could place in this server.  Will it support 2, 3, 4TB single non RAIDed drives?


I currently use this server a NAS4Free server utilizing 4 1TB drives using NAS4Free software RAID giving me about 3TB of space for a home media server which works nicely but i would like to upgrade to larger drives and do not want to spend the money on something that the firmware or controler will not work with.


Please no suggestions for other solutions not using this server, the reason i use the ML110 is it is much more reliable than a WDC  or Buffalo NAS and yes I know the risks with software RAID, i am willing to accept them.


Thank you in advance for your feedback!