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HP ProLiant ML150G2: expanding an existing RAID-1?

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HP ProLiant ML150G2: expanding an existing RAID-1?

Hello experts!


We use a server HP ProLiant ML150G2 with integrated SATA-RAID-controller "HostRAID 8130".

There are 4 HotPlug SATA ports (port 0 ... port 3) with 4 drives (at the moment 250 GB each).


The configuration is as follows:

port 0 and port 1:

- RAID-1 (mirroring) named Port_0_1

- 1 partition

- not bootable


port 2 and port 3:

- RAID-1 (mirroring) named Port_2_3

- 3 partitions

- bootable


The problem is that the storage size on both Port_0_1 and Port_2_3 becomes too small soon.


The idea was to insert bigger drives (1TB instead of 250GB) for one of the RAID-1 (e.g. Port_2_3) and to expand the RAID-size.



- 1TB drives are properly recognized concerning drive size and are working

- replacing both drives of RAID-1 (after 2 times rebuilding the RAID-1) won't change the size of the RAID-1 although both drives are 1TB (This is still understandable for me).

- But the RAID-controller's BIOS (using CTRL-A) doesn't seem to offer any possibility to change the size of the existing RAID-1 even after both RAID-1-member-drives have a size of 1TB


BTW: I tried with RAID-1 named Port_2_3 (which contains 3 partitions) but not yet with Port_0_1 (with only 1 partition)



1. is there any way to expand at least one of the two RAID-1?

2. Would the RAID-controller possibly offer any "expanding feature" when trying on existing RAID-1 with only one partition?

3. What alternative way to expand the storage size of at least one RAID-1 could be possible?


I really do hope there are some experts who know a solution ...


Regards ...


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Re: HP ProLiant ML150G2: expanding an existing RAID-1?

push me on top ...


no ideas?