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HP ProLiant ML350 Does not Power Up

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HP ProLiant ML350 Does not Power Up



Our building did some electircal maintenance.  Beforehand, all of our servers were shutdown and verfied to be connected to a UPS/surge protector.   I came in to power up all of the machines with success, but the HP ProLiant ML350 did not turn on.   I see no power lights on in the front or the power supply lights on the back lit.   I tried plugging into other outlets and same issue.  Did both power supplies go at the same time?   This machine is heavily used and it needs to be online soon.   If the power supplies are indeed dead and there is no magical way to turn this machine on, where can I get them quickly?  Thanks




Re: HP ProLiant ML350 Does not Power Up



It is unusual that both the power supplies go bad at a time, to further narrow down issue, try booting the server with minimum hardware configuration (Step 4 from following document)



HP ProLiant ML/DL Series Server - No POST / POST Error Troubleshooting and Minimum Configuration / Base Configuration Steps:


If the issue not resolved, let us know what is the Generation of the server and All the LEDs status on the server. 



Murali Mohan 

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