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HP ProLiant ML350 G4

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HP ProLiant ML350 G4

I'm trying to boot from a USB flash drive. The only menus to get to is the Option ROM Configuration tool. I got to change the boot order for a USB Flash Key or something like that to the first and it will not boot. All it does is after it does all the tests it goes to a blank screen with a blinking line. It did the same thing before i changed it and now I can access the settings to change the boot order. I just need it to be reset or to boot from the USB Flash drive. Can someone please help.



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Re: HP ProLiant ML350 G4



Search for Legacy USB Support in the BIOS.

Try enabling or disabling to boot from USB Stick.


Some old servers includes legacy support for a USB drive key. Legacy USB drive key support requires a system ROM that includes the ability to initialize and boot a USB drive key.


I am not sure if this server model supports USB Boot but its worth a try.


Thank You!
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