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HP ProLiant ML370 G3

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HP ProLiant ML370 G3

I have 5 72gig drives connected to my server. 2 are the main drive in a raid 1 mirror. 3 others make up a raid 5 configuration. Some aspect of my RAID configuration has died as the PC will no longer boot into windows. I have another server of the exact same make and model and I swapped the hdds from the failed one into the working on and the problem presists from pc to pc. My question is: "Can I replace the raid 1 drives and re-install windows AND maintain the existing raid 5 drives as they are? OR if I replace the raid 1 will it ask me to re-create both images?" Thank you for any help on this matter.
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Re: HP ProLiant ML370 G3


no if you reinstall OS in the RAID 1
once you finish OS installation shutdown your server and insert the HDDs for RAID 5 controller will automatically recognize RAID 5 and the data stored in it

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