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Re: HP ProLiant ML370 Generation 4 Server

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HP ProLiant ML370 Generation 4 Server

Hello freinds,

I've HP ProLiant ML370 Generation 4 Server with a 2 HD of 33 GB for each one and 2 GB of RAM working under windows 2003 server.

Now, I want to remove windows 2003 server and replace it with windows server 2012.

I'm not sure if the specifications of this server  can supporting windows server2012 or not?.

Also, I'm not sure of ability to use RAID1 configuration or not? !

Please advice me..

Waiting for kind help !..

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Re: HP ProLiant ML370 Generation 4 Server

I once set up a DL380 G5 with Win2012 and it worked without problems. I had no extra PCI cards inside, so drivers were not an issue. It may be that some hardware is not supported anymore and you simply get no drivers for 2012.

The RAID configuration does not matter as long as the SmartArray driver is working (or are you talking about software RAID?). The RAID controller just presents a drive to the operating system and the OS does not know what kind of RAID you use.

The disks you use are probably a bit small for Win2012. It is possible that it requires more disk space. Also 2GB of RAM is not much.

How about looking for a newer, used server? A DL380-G6 with bigger disks and more memory can be bought for $250.

At the end I can only say: put two new disks inside and try it. If it does not work, put the old 2003 disks back in and you lost nothing except a bit of time :-)

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