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HP Proliant 380 power supply warranty

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HP Proliant 380 power supply warranty



Few moths ago we bought, from HP partner seller, brand new power supply for Proliant 380 server, and after 8 months it's kinda "dying" eq. receiving daily SNMP traps "power supply condition has been set to failed". Third powers supply works fine in the same server. 


Imagine my surprise when I learned that warranty is - 90 days. Three months for new, original HP part. I was really surprised.
Not to mention how the client was furious, he payed 220$ (with faulty PS return) for new original HP part, only to find out that warranty is, imo, ridiculously short.

Now I'm curious, is this official HP policy, is this for real, that if you buy original HP server power supply, from HP distributor, it is delivered with 90 day warranty?


Appologies if this is a wrong forum, move it as needed.


Re: HP Proliant 380 power supply warranty

That seems very short, are you able to reveal the name of the supplier?