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HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid

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HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid


I have configured Raid 1 on my HP Proliant DL 120 G5 machine ( have 2 250Gb disks )S/N CZ192402R7

Bios shows the raid array, so does raid configuration utility but when I boot the OS installer, it still sees 2 drives ( I tried installing VMWare ESXi 4.0 & Debian 5 )

How can I set up hardware raid ?
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Re: HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid

Are you using the onboard sata raid controller?
If you are this not going to work with Debian or VMware. Both operating systems are not supported. perhaps Debian will work if you compile and create your own driver disk from the Adaptec sources. But VMware, no way.
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Re: HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid

So in fact this Raid is not really a hardware raid.

I installed VMWare ESXi version 4 for HP ProLiant servers, but it did throw exception errors. So I disabled the "raid" ;-) controller completly and now it seems to work
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Re: HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid

hmmm.. okay here we go

this is software based raid although there is a integrated chip on board for the raid simulation.

this is what its born with
# Storage Controller:

* Embedded SATA Controller with RAID 0/1 support

but this card as option adds hardware based raid

Smart Array E200 Controller
HP Smart Array E200/128 BBWC Controller

look under the tab from link it will show extra cables are required too and part numbers are all here

HP Storage Controllers

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Re: HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid

Thanks for this. I inherited this machine and it was supposed to have a raid, so I thought it would be hardware one.
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Re: HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid

The machine has embedded hardware SATA raid but ESX and Debian ignore it. That's why it sees the two dissk even after you configure the raid LUNs.

If you installed windows on this server it would see the raid array.

The embedded sata raid is hardware raid but not a complete independent hardware raid subsystem like the raid cards.
Roberto Blandino
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Re: HP Proliant DL 120 G5 Raid

On debian you may follow the following steps on an installation console

# modprobe dm-mod
# udpkg -i /cdrom/pool/main/d/dmraid/dmraid-udeb.*.udeb
# dmraid -ay

Read the following url for more information.

On vmware server esxi not yet found!