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HP Proliant DL 140 G3 - How to turn on Raid 0?

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HP Proliant DL 140 G3 - How to turn on Raid 0?

Hello HP Users,

I am very new to HP hardware and infact I have just bought a HP Proliant DL 140 G3. I have installed 2x Western Digital Raptor Drives @ 74GIG 10RPM each.

I have many questions with this server, IMPI, Raid, CPU Heatsinks etc but I will keep this post spacific to the first issue, Raid Configuration / Activation.

I am very new to raid & this is the first time I have ever used anything other than IDE without Raid.

I have installed Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 sucessfully. I have installed all drivers supplied on the HP disk which came with the server.

I am now at the stage of wanting to configure the "Embeded Raid Controller" however I am unsure how to do this and more spacifically how to make my 2 hard drives run in a Raid 0 configuration.

I have consulted the manual with no joy. I have downloaded the driver for installing the Raid driver on a Windows 2003 operating system, Thsi is called "cp007490.exe" however it said I cannot install the driver as I have no hardware for it.

Additionally, This server for some reason does not have a floppy disk controller so I cannot make a floppy bootable diskett.

I am very confused as to what to do now.

Very sorry for the lost post but I felt if I wanted help from the HP community I should include as much relevent information as possible.

Any help would be very much appriciated.

Thank You.
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: HP Proliant DL 140 G3 - How to turn on Raid 0?



If you have installed the OS, refer the link in that post; If you need to install the OS with RAID, you may use the nLITE software;

& yes, You are not alone figuring this out, this has baffled many !


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Re: HP Proliant DL 140 G3 - How to turn on Raid 0?

Helo James,

Ironically as this may sound, I stumbled across a thread unrelated to my issue however it provided some very interesting content, more spacifically it gave me vital information practicly step by step on how to get the Raid Utility.

I have just sucessfully put both drives in Raid 0 after checking both drives sector by sector even though they are new drives but I belive in doing this now rather than coping with a disaster management ;)

I imedietly decided to start from scratch after seing that my bootable partition would be lost if Raid 0 was activated, I accepted and am now formatting both drives usingt he raid utility, As long as it may be it will again be future proof from disaster.

However I still read your reply to the link you posted above and foudn it realy inspiring.

This Nlite Program is also looking very good however I am confused as to how to get Windows 2003 Standard R2 SP2 on the generated image as it does not say that W2K3 is supported. But I'll give it a go non the less because I like the sound of removing some unwanted resource hogs and also an unattended install would be very nice :)

Thank you very much for your insight into this issue.

Maybe you can answer some of my "New User" questions regarding the DL140 via MSN? If so please feel free to add me to MSN :

*10 Points Awarded

Thank You!
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: HP Proliant DL 140 G3 - How to turn on Raid 0?

Thank you.

I don't think there would be any issues using nlite for win2k3; if there are, it would be new ... at least to me; Its a very simple software; with countless success instances;

I would SURELY assist you for any new queries, however, I am sure you will agree to me, if I request you to post your queries here;
1) It will help MANY other new comers, very possible that they may have the same query as yours;
2) There is always a scope of improvement, hence by answering your queries may help the regulars here to understand each n every aspect of the issue;

Nevertheless, Once you post a query, you may drop me an email(in my profile); I am online for 14-15 hrs... hence chances are less that i would miss !!
& not to forget out the real EXPERTS who have spent 4-6-8 years helping newcomers;


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Re: HP Proliant DL 140 G3 - How to turn on Raid 0?

I fully agree. I will indeed ask them in new threads.

Also Win2k3 is supported. I missed the guide, very silly of me.

This is very exciting, My first owned server and a high teir one at that ;)

Thank You
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Re: HP Proliant DL 140 G3 - How to turn on Raid 0?

I have discovered a solution to this problem and very happy with the community response.