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HP Proliant DL-180 G6 Bad Fan Sensors?

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HP Proliant DL-180 G6 Bad Fan Sensors?

We have an HP Proliant DL-180 G6 that has been running great for about a year.  Recently the orange hardware alarm light triggers on boot and the fans are all spining at full RPM.  


The HP system management page shows an error on fan 6. The lights out management page shows the following alarm:


Fan FAN4_OUTLET Lower Critical 940.4 RPM


All drivers, Firmware, and BIOS have been updated to the most recent availible.  I swapped out both fans for fan 4 (Inlet and Outlet) and swapped the power connectors with fan three and the same error triggers for fan 4.  All of the replaceable parts have been tested and work on other fan slots. 


Has anyone encountered any problems like this?  The temperatures are all green and I am out of ideas.  


Re: HP Proliant DL-180 G6 Bad Fan Sensors?



Try to clear NVRAM from the system board.

Remove any Add-On cards if installed and check the fan activity.


If problem follows the slot then it could be the system board.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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