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HP Proliant DL 380

Fred Davis_3
Occasional Visitor

HP Proliant DL 380

I need to hook up a ADIC Scalar 100 to this server. But the ADIC is all HV SCSI and the server is LV SCSI and yesterday HP Tech support told me yesterday that they don't make a HV Scsi card that would work in the DL 380 server. Becuase the card need to be a 32 bit card. Can anyone help me please. 713 961 8578
Thilo Knoch
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP Proliant DL 380

There could be different ways:

1. There is an Compaq-branded controlller
157299-B21 2CH UWD Lib Host Adp ALL,
(the quickspecs for the DL380)
May be it is end of life. Instead of the option part number you can try to get it using the spare parts number: 161291-001.

2. The Symbios Logic SYM22802 or now LSI22802 (similar to the Compaq adapter, but with BIOS):

3. The Adaptec 2944.
I don't know wether Adaptec has a 3,3Volts-PCI version of the 2944, but if you only want to use it in a non-G2/G3 DL380 it should be no problem.

However check what could work with HP/LSI/Adaptec and ADIC support. I can give no warranty.