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HP Proliant DL120 G7 - Hard problem

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HP Proliant DL120 G7 - Hard problem

Hi all,


Kindly i need your help ASAP


i have purchased new server DL120 G7 , part number 470065-601

and , i wanna install centos on that server but i have faced a problem


unable to find any devices of the type
needed for this instillation type.
would you like to manually select you driver or use a driver disk?


i removed Centos DVD, and reboot i got the follwoing message


"PXE-E61 Media text failure ,check cable"


also when i tried to boot from Firmware dvd, it doesn't detect it and gave me the same error


i have one hard desk sata 250 GB, and the hard desk led is flashed only when powering on the server


Kindly help to figure that problem




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Re: HP Proliant DL120 G7 - Hard problem

Which version of CentOS are you planning to install?


There are several configurations of DL120 G7 available. The Entry Model (628690-xx1) and the Base Model (628691-xx1) have a SmartArray B110i SATA RAID controller, which is actually a software RAID solution based on Intel's standard integrated SATA controller (AHCI). If you have one of these models, you would have to make a choice: either install the proprietary binary SmartArray B110i drivers, or set up a software RAID using Linux standard AHCI driver.


If you want to use the proprietary drivers, you should download the Driver Disk package and follow the instructions on the download page. SmartArray B110i Driver Disks for RHEL 6 should be compatible with CentOS 6 too.


Downloads for other OS versions can be found using the standard procedure for HP hardware:

  1. go to
  2. select "Drivers & Software"
  3. type in your model number ("DL120 G7" is good in this case)
  4. select the Operating System you wish to use (in case of CentOS, you can usually pick the corresponding RHEL version)
  5. you'll see a list of all the downloads appropriate for your hardware & OS.

The Driver Disks needed for SmartArray B110i seem to be in the category "Software - Driver Updates". Pay attention to the installation instructions: the B110i driver requires special steps.


On the other hand, if you have the Performance Model (628692-xx1), it will have SmartArray P212, a real hardware RAID controller. Most/all hardware RAID controllers will hide the actual physical disks and only show the configured RAID sets to the OS. This is known as "logical disks". If the RAID controller is not configured, the OS will see no disks installed at all. That would explain your first error message "unable to find any devices of the type needed". The driver for hardware SmartArray controllers is included in most Linux distributions, just use a version that is not older than the hardware model.


To configure SmartArray P212, watch the display when the system is booting up: when the SmartArray controller is initializing, it will display a prompt to press the F8 key to configure the SmartArray controller. You must press the key when the prompt is being displayed: pressing too early or too late will have no effect or a wrong effect.


The second message "PXE-E61 Media test failure ,check cable" means the system is not finding any bootable disks with an installed OS, and is trying to boot from the network instead... but there is no link on the NIC.