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HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 Shuts Down


HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 Shuts Down

Hello everyone, since there was a big power outtage during a storm 3 weeks ago my server has been acting up in a strange way, it shuts down and the health led flashes red 4 times per second, but the power led remains amber. 

After reading the manual i'm wondering if it has something to do with the PSU and if that's the case what would the PN be? This server in particular only seems to have one and non hot-swappable. If i turn it back on it will work but in a couple a days it will shut down again, and that makes it a useless server for me.

Could there be any other causes for this problem?

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Re: HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 Shuts Down

Have you looked at the iLO and/or IML logs to see what error is being reported?

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Re: HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 Shuts Down

After checking logs i was presented to several of these:

System Power Supply: General Failure (Power Supply 1)

I guess that confirms the issue.