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HP Proliant DL360 G6. Can not populate more than 2 dimms on CPU 1

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HP Proliant DL360 G6. Can not populate more than 2 dimms on CPU 1

Hello, I own a proliant DL360-G6 server. I've been running it with both CPU slot occupied as well as all dimms populated (for a total of 144GB of RAM). About 3 days ago, I've decided that I want to boot into the OS via a usb key so as per HP's instructions I pulled the top panel and installed the USB key in the internal usb port. Upon doing that the server shut down and the health led started flashing red...

First thing I tried was to remove all dimms and boot the server with just one dimm populated across the two cpus. It booted fine. Then I populated all CPU2's dimms and just two from CPU1. Again a fine boot. Lastly I tried to populate a third dimm from CPU1, after a few self-tests just before the monitor was to show HP's logo my server shut down once again with the helath led flashing again (once per second).

Neither the IML or ILO 2 logs read anything relevant. So I'm at a loss. What further steps can I do to troubleshoot the server. It can boot fine with 88GB of RAM installed, but my workload needs minimum 100GB.

Thanks for your attention.