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HP Proliant DL380 Boot Hang

Nick Shoemaker
Occasional Visitor

HP Proliant DL380 Boot Hang

We have a DL380 that was working fine, there was a power outage overnight a couple of days ago, the ups' died and the servers shutdown. One of our DL380's after the incident will not boot up but hangs on the BIOS HP Build screen. I can access the array and change it and rebuild it etc., but when it attempts to boot it hangs at this point.
Jimmy Vance

Re: HP Proliant DL380 Boot Hang

Sounds as though data or the MBR got trashed when the power went out.

You mentioned one of your other DL380's, since you have more than one can you swap drives between servers and see if the drives from this server will boot from another one?

The Smart Array configuration is kept on the disks and not in the controller so moving the drives from server to server should not cause any data loss. The servers should be the same and have the same firmware version on the Smart Array

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Nick Shoemaker
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Proliant DL380 Boot Hang

I can move teh drives to a different server and they work fine.
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Proliant DL380 Boot Hang

Nick long shot but you can try
clear nvram
Clearing the system configuration
To clear the system configuration:
1. Power down the server
2. Remove all optional cards etc and use minimum ram

extra tip move power supply to opposite slot..
3. Remove the access panel look at the diagram on it it will show the position of the maintenance switch( it clears Nv ram)
4. Change position 6 of the system maintenance switch to on.
5. Install the access panel
6. and power up the server
7. Wait for the POST message that prompts you to change the switch setting:
Maintenance switch detected in the "On" position.
Power off the server and turn switch to the "Off" position.
8. Repeat steps 1 through 3.
9. Change position 6 of the system maintenance switch to off.
10. Repeat steps 5 through 7.

if it works add cards one at a time then ram gradually

and a dose of good luck helps too

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